Anti-Corruption Policy


Ø  My Furniture strives to conduct its operations with the highest degree of ethical and business standards.

Ø  Transparency in dealings is a clear focus of the organization.

Ø  The integrity of the corporation is measured by the conduct of its Employees, their relationships with customers, suppliers, competitors, the business and local communities, and the general public.

Ø  Employees will be responsible for conducting themselves in an honest, transparent and ethical manner in accordance with the organization Policies and set procedures in all of their business dealings and in any external mailers in which their actions may reflect on the image of the organization.


Ø  Bribing, politicking, fund embezzlement, lobbying of any kind for personal gains or for the work of the organization will not be tolerated by the organization.

Ø  Violation of ethical standards will result in disciplinary action by the Management.

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