Grievance Redressal & whistle blower policy

Grievance Redressal and Feedback

Ø  My Furniture provides a grievance redressal and feedback mechanism to its employees for expeditious settlement of any problems and issues they may face.

Ø  A ‘grievance’ may include a multitude of issues including, but not limited to, matters pertinent to wages/salary, leave, shift change, increment, transfer, work assignment, working conditions, interpretation of service rules, etc. affecting individual employees.

Ø  Employees should voice their grievances directly via e-mail to their respective Reporting Managers while ensuring that HR ( is kept informed of all such matters. If the employee does not wish to approach the Reporting Manager (for example, in cases of conflict within the team or with the reporting manager) he/she can contact the HR team directly outlining the specific grievance in detail.

Ø  Employees may also provide general feedback on matters pertinent to their employment at O My Furniture (for example, feedback on or suggestions for employee engagement activities) by contacting the HR team directly outlining their feedback and suggestions in detail.

Ø  In many scenarios, issues may be resolved quickly through an informal discussion with the employee.

Ø  In case of unsatisfactory results post discussion with employee, the Reporting Manager should approach the HR team to help arrive at a possible solution.

Ø  The HR team will have ultimate responsibility for investigating and analyzing all grievances or feedback and arriving at a resolution or way forward.

Ø  Where the HR team is unable to arrive at an effective solution, they must approach the HOD (or CXO, if required) of the concerned employee to identify additional avenues or options for resolution.

Ø  Post dialogue with the HOD/ CXO, the HR team should approach the aggrieved employee and inform him of the options/ resolution available to him.

Ø  The HR team will maintain a record of all grievances raised and track their closure in a timely manner - all grievances should be resolved and/or escalated within 7 days from the receipt of the grievance.

Ø  The HR Department will conduct a quarterly review of grievances raised during the previous three months in order to identify common issues and grievances among employees and create an action plan to address them and prevent their recurrence. 


Ø  My Furniture encourages its employees to report unethical practices in the Organization and strive to create an environment of honesty and integrity.

Ø  An employee, who observes any unethical or improper practices or alleged wrongful conduct, should make a disclosure to the HR department in writing through a letter or e-mail not later than 30 consecutive calendar days after becoming aware of the same.

Ø  If the employee is unwilling or unable to put a disclosure in writing, he/she may approach HR personnel directly or through his or any other Department Head; anonymous disclosures will not be entertained. The HR Department will prepare a written summary of the employee’s disclosure and provide a copy to the employee and the CEO.

Ø  The HR department will appoint a committee in consultation with the CEO (constituting independent and appropriate representatives from the HR Department and other departments) to appropriately and expeditiously investigate all whistleblower reports received detailing the procedure for the investigation (if required).

Ø  The committee will have the right to call for any information or document and undertake interrogation of any employee of the Organisation or other person(s) as they may deem appropriate for the purpose of conducting investigation under this policy.

Ø  A report will be prepared after completion of investigation and the HR department will consider the same and report the matter to the CEO.

Ø  After considering the report, the CEO will determine the cause of action and may order for remedies.

Ø  Under exceptional circumstances (for example in case of fraud, forgery or high value monetary misrepresentation), the employees could also directly report the matter to the CEO and he/she would then take necessary action on the same as he/she deems fit.

Ø  The identity of the employee who reported the issue will not be revealed to the CEO or the Committee.

Ø  No adverse personal action will be taken or recommended against an employee in retaliation to his or her disclosure in good faith of any unethical and improper practices or alleged wrongful conduct. 

Ø  This policy protects such employees from unfair termination and unfair prejudicial employment practices. However, this policy does not protect an employee from an adverse action which occurs because of poor job performance or any other misconduct unrelated to a disclosure made pursuant to this policy, etc., independent of his disclosure of unethical and improper practices or alleged wrongful conduct.

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