Refund and Return Policy

Ø  On the off chance that it's wrong, we take it back.

We make a point to serve our clients with an extreme online furniture shopping background by offering the best quality items. We guarantee to determine any issues on the off chance that you are not fulfilled.

Our arrival and discount strategy process is as underneath.

Ø  Consider the possibility that you have gotten a harmed item.

In the event that you get an item that has been harmed amid the travel or is flawed we truly apologize for the bother and would ask for the client to record an arrival ask for by means of an email on with the grumble subtle elements or by putting an approach    +91-9001470833

Ø  Imagine a scenario where you wish to scratch off your request.

We comprehend that because of any dubious reasons you may wish to cross out your request. In such cases, we would ask for our clients to put the cancelation ask for inside 12hrs of your request arrangement. The cancelation ask for inside 12hrs has been made because of the thought that we custom produce every furniture piece at our unit according to the correct determinations of our clients.

Ø  How does the arrival and discount process work?

After getting the discount ask for our client mind administrators might get back by means of an email or call to comprehend the harm caused and promote we would start a turnaround strategic at an entire cost risk of the organization O My Furniture.

Ø  Consider the possibility that a substitution of the item isn't accessible.

On the off chance that we are not ready to process the substitution for a similar item, we guarantee a 100% unconditional promise in such conditions.

Ø  How would I get the discount sum?

The noteworthy discount sum is prepared by means of similar means through which the request was set.

Ø  To what extent does the discount take?

The assessed time span that should be required to process the discount sum might be 7 working days.

Ø  Custom Product discount strategy. ?

Uniquely designed requests are non-refundable. On the off chance that on the off chance that any harms happen while shipment of the item, Wooden Street will get it repaired. Additionally there can be a deferral of 2 weeks in conveyance time for custom furniture.

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