What is your return policy.?

Please be certain of your selection. Once your order placed successfully after that you cannot be canceled or returned.

How long will it take to receive my order after placing it.?

Its Depend on product availability. If product in stock it will be delivered within 15 days. If product out of stock it will take 25-30 days after order placed date.

What can i do when received damaged product. ?

Don't be worry about that just relaxed and pack it back in it's original packing. we will replace your received damaged product. 

How do I track my order status.?

Just use track order link in your profile, there is some order status and each have a meaning.

Here’s a quick explanation of what each of the tracking statuses mean:

Accepted : - Your order was successfully placed and confirm.

Manufacturing : - Your order was give to our expert manufacturing team for development.

Finishing : - Your order is under polish and packing for dispatching.

Delivered : - Your order was successfully delivered.

Note :- Gati Kwe is our logistic partner so after all dispatching we are provide a docket Number to track shipment via Gati kwe site. 

Can i take my delivery latter than the date specified .?

Yes, of course! You just need to let us know in advance so we can store it safely for you.

In such cases, you would need to make the payment for the order in advance.

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